Hooters Hall


Welcome to Hooters Hall, six acres on the border between Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire, that we call home.
We’re Kim and Chris and we moved to Hooters Hall from South London in 2011.
We started off running Hooters Hall as a traditional mixed smallholding, growing fruit, vegetables, herbs , keeping pigs, sheep, dairy goats, chickens and selling our produce at the farm gate and online. Then we focused on fibre production for a few years growing our flock of Jacob sheep, selling fleeces and handspun yarn online.
In 2020 we decided to take things in a new direction with a move away from traditional smallholding to focus on nature. We still have some livestock; a much smaller flock of Jacob sheep, goats and shetland ponies. We don’t breed or raise our animals for meat or dairy instead they help us manage the land by grazing and browsing, living as naturally as possible.
We grow some vegetables and fruit but we don’t manage our land to be self sufficient and we don’t sell produce anymore. Instead we allow the land to just be, rather than expecting it to support us.
We don’t “garden” we let plants grow where they want to, even Ragwort. We overseed our paddocks with British native wildflowers suitable for the land and we plant trees every year.
We still enjoy crafts but with a focus on the personal benefits of the process rather than making a product to sell or teaching skills. Have a look at our Mindful Making pages for more information.
You won’t find Hooters Hall on social media but if you want to enjoy a scroll through some photos of Hooters Hall and the creatures that live here have a look at our photo album page and if you’re looking for a break from the everyday hustle and bustle click on our Meadow Meditations page.