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Garlic stalk experiment

As I mentioned in my post about Garlic, in China the flower stalks are used in cooking. Having taken the stalks off our garlic in preparation for harvesting in 2 weeks we thought we’d have a go at cooking with them.

Having lopped the flower heads off I chopped them into equal sized pieces. They smelt intensely garlicky (v. nice). Chris decided to try adding them to a  chicken stir fry and they did indeed smell very nice as they were cooking and definitely added some intense garlic flavour to the dish. When it came to the tasting though it was a bit disappointing. They were very woody and not really easy to eat in any great quantity,

I think  if we had used them sooner, when the stalks first shot up, they would probably have been less woody and more palatable. A different cooking method might have tenderised them a bit more as well.

Although not really edible you could use them to add garlic flavour because they were very very garlicky.

Here’s some pics.


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