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Garlic harvest and winter plantings

Today we harvested our garlic. Not quite as large as the monster bulbs my parents in law grew which I posted about recently, but hopefully just as tasty. I’d experimented with putting several bulbs in some pots and only one or two in other pots. As you might expect those that were less crowded grew bigger but hopefully they will all taste as good. We’ll dry the bulbs and then use them over the next few months.

As well as harvesting the garlic I picked the last of my peas (more on that to come) which has left me with a few gaps to fill. For the first time I’m going to try growing some greens through the autumn and winter. I’ve done my first plantings today and I’ll plant some more over the next few weeks, hopefully this will mean we get a steady supply rather than a massive glut all at once.

I’ve picked the following, all from Garden Organic:

  1.  Cabbage ‘Advantage F1’ a dark green cabbage that can be cut as greens or left to form pointed heads in the spring
  2. Chinese cabbage ‘Tatsoi’ a loose headed variety with flat open habitat and spoon shaped dark green glossy leaves.
  3. Chinese cabbage ‘Green rocket F1’ a cabbage with a tall cylindrical head, bright green leaves and a long storage life.
  4. Red curled Kale 

I’ve planted some directly in the containers that had my peas in and a spare potato container. I’ve also planted some in modules ready for planting out into other containers as they become empty following harvest. Hopefully they’ll all take and we’ll have a steady supply of greens throughout the autumn and winter. Together with the purple sprouting broccoli ( aka the triffids- seriously the are enormous !) and leeks the garden should have quite a bit of greenery in it and be very productive right through the dark days of winter.

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