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Super size egg

The chickens have decided to celebrate the Easter bank holiday weekend because by laying an absolute whopper of an egg. There were two normal size eggs as well and  both Monica and Rachel seemed very proud of themselves.

Here’s a picture of the super size egg with the two more normal sized ones.

The egg was 7cm in length, 16cm circumference and weighed 94g.

That’s nothing compared to the world record holder though.  According to Guinness world records the largest hen egg was a five-yolked egg measuring 31cm around the long axis, 22.8cm around the short and weighing nearly 340g . It was laid by a Black Minorca chicken at Mr Stafford’s Damsteads Farm, Mellor, Lancs, in 1896. I think Monica and Rachel have a way to go before they beat that but maybe this is the start of their training to break that record. 

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