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Daisy Daisy, bird’s foot and sage

At this time of year every time I go out into he garden there are more and more flowers blooming.  The Oxeye daisies have started as have the bird’s foot trefoil and the sage. The garden is full of bees who seem very appreciative of the flowery feast.

Here are some pictures spot the ladybird (the bees were too fast to catch on camera)

Both the sage and the oxeye daisy do more than just make the garden look pretty. The unopened buds of the oxeye daisy can be pickled and used as capers. Here’s a recipe link http://www.celtnet.org.uk/recipes/miscellaneous/fetch-recipe.php?rid=misc-oxeye-daisy-capers

The sage flowers, which have a milder flavour than the leaves, can be used in salads, vegetable dishes and as a garnish for pork. Maybe we’ll try some experimental sage flower sausages.   

If you want to know more about Oxeye daisies and Bird’s foot trefoil here are the links to previous postings.




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