Hooters Hall

And then there were two

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts our three geese do like to free range all around Hooters Hall smallholding. Sometimes they will simply wander between the paddocks if we leave the gate open, other times they have a bit of a fly and check out that greener grass on the other side of the fence. They have tended to stick together, although one is clearly more adventurous than the other two. Some nights we’ve come home to find them in different paddock to the one we left them in but they are quite happy to be herded back to the goose house. Sometimes the adventurous one is in a different paddock to the other two and there’s a lot of honking as she finds her way back.

Tonight when we got back two were in the opposite paddock to the one we’d left them in but adventurous goose was nowhere to be found ! We had a good look around but couldn’t find any sign of her. There’s no sign of a fox attack either. The other two seemed quite settled and calm and they weren’t honking or looking for her.

Hopefully she’ll come back, and we’ll have another look for her in the daylight tomorrow but if anyone does spot an adventurous Embden around south Lincolnshire let us know.


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