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3-1=2 Geese but….. 2+10=12 Chickens

Well it looks like the adventurous goose with the wander lust is well and truly gone. We did wonder if she had ventured onto the farm next door but our neighbour hasn’t seen any sign of her. We couldn’t find any signs of fox or other predator attack so it does look like she’s decided to explore south Lincolnshire.

We do have some other new arrivals though. We’ve decided to increase the chicken flock and I fancied trying some blue egg layers. So ten Cotswold Legbars arrived today. We got them from Legbars of Broadway who were very helpful here’s the link : http://www.legbarsofbroadway.co.uk/

There are some rare breed poultry that lay blue eggs, most notably the Cream Legbar and in the future I hope to have a small flock of rare breed poultry but the current flock are for egg laying and the rare breeds don’t lay as prolifically. Hopefully our egg laying flock will support our rare breed flock. If it doesn’t work out quite like that, well it’s a good excuse for me to have more chickens.

The new ladies are quite young so won’t be laying yet. We’ve got them in their own temporary pen within the current chicken area. They can see Monica and Rachel our resident Hooters Hall Blackrocks but we’ll let them get used to each other before letting them mix. The Cotswold Legbars have a lovely new chicken ark but tonight they’ve decided to sleep in a massive pile just outside the ark. They are well protected by electric fence so they should be fine.

It was a bit dark to take pictures tonight and at the moment it’s still dark when I leave for work (6am !) so you’ll have to wait until the weekend for some pictures.

Here’s hoping we’ll have some coloured eggs like these in the future.

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