Hooters Hall

Lost Goose Update

We got home from work tonight to find a note from a neighbour up towards the village asking if we’d lost a goose. Turns out our adventourous goose managed to get across several fields and ended up in our neighbours field. Being a helpful neighbour she fed and watered the goose and having seen ours in the paddock when she drove past left a note to see if we were missing a goose.

I think the hardest part is yet to come, trying to catch her. Chris is going to try and catch her tomorrow so we’ll update you tomorrow night; hopefully with good news.

The new chickens still hadn’t managed to work out that they can go inside the nice new chicken ark today, so when I got back from work I had to put them in myself. There was a bit of squawking and a few bold chickens needed chasing around the run before they decided to follow their sisters in, but we got there in the end. They settled down very quickly and the squawking turned into contented clucking. Hopefully, having spent the night in the ark they’ll be able to find their way back in tomorrow night.


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