Hooters Hall

Meet the new chickens

First thing we did today was clip the wings of the geese. I was worried it would be a bit of a challenge but it didn’t take long at all. They make a bit of a fuss about being caught but once you’ve picked them up they don’t really struggle. There was a lot of hissing from the fiesty one who had been awol for most of the week but it didn’t take long and she soon settled down. They seemed a lot calmer the rest of the day happily wandering around the paddock grazing on the grass and popping in and out of the pond.

The second task for the day was mowing the grass around the chicken run and taking some videos of the newest residents on the smallholding our Cotswold Legbar chickens. They are about 12 weeks now so a while to go before they start laying. You’ll notice in the videos that we’ve got new treadle feeders. They are a bit more expensive than basic ones but they stop the wild birds nicking all the chicken feed so ultimately work out good value for money.

Here are some short videos of the new chickens.

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