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Chickens & Trailers

One of our first purchases after moving to Hooters Hall smallholding was a large trailer. Second hand off ebay it needed a bit of tlc before it would be ready for transporting livestock. Chris took the wooden planking and metal framework off leaving a large flatbed trailer. We had planned on rebuilding it but having a large flat bed trailer is very handy. Here’s a picture of the trailer as it is now and the metal framework.

Deciding to keep this trailer as a flat bed meant we had to find another trailer for transporting livestock. Fortunately we discovered AgriportCJ on ebay who do a perfect smallholders trailer for a very good price and deliver. Here’s the website link http://agriportcj.com/index.php?page=pages&pid=25 and the ebay link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/QUALITY-ROAD-LIVESTOCK-SHEEP-PIG-TRAILER-BRAND-NEW-/150535418965?pt=UK_BOI_FarmingEquipment_RL&hash=item230c9c3455

Here’s our trailer bought on Sunday delivered on Wednesday

I can’t wait until we have some pigs to transport. In the meantime we’ve been perfecting the set up for our current livestock. This Sunday we extended our chicken area so that the whole of the front lawn is available to the chickens. This means they can come closer to the house so you can chicken watch whilst having breakfast. It also means we were able to move the hen ark onto a paved area. Here are some pictures.


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