Hooters Hall

Pigs in Snow (and chickens and horses)

For once the met office got the forecast right and right on cue at 6pm last night it started snowing. After a few days of seasonally cold weather at Hooters Hall yesterday started off at a toe numbing -8°C. By late afternoon it was a comparatively balmy -2°C and the bright blue winter sky was rapidly obscured by clouds heavy with snow. We spent the day preparing for the snow; getting the poo pick done on the horses field, mucking out the chicken coops, filling up the feeders, topping up the straw in the pig ark  and making sure all the livestock had access to unfrozen water ( an endless job when it’s this cold).

And this is what greeted us this morning.

The chickens seemed a bit suspicious of the snow and one in particular has spent most of the morning perched on top of one of the feeders. The horses and the pigs don’t seem fazed by it at all though. Here’s a video of the pigs getting their feed this morning.

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