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Peg loom update and more sheep

I’ve been weaving away on my peg loom this week. So far I’ve woven two fleeces and I’ve got 3 more left ( I did only have 4 but couldn’t resist buying a Balwen fleece this week). The weaving is very easy and I’ve mostly been doing it whilst watching the television in the evenings. The most difficult part is keeping all the warp threads from tying themselves into knots. I’ve weaving with raw fleeces which haven’t been washed so they do still have the lanolin on (makes your hands nice and soft). As a result the fleeces and rug do smell quite sheepy but I’ll be washing the rug once complete it so it won’t be so pungent when finished.

Here’s a picture of my rug in progress as you can see the peg loom balances nicely on my armchair.

I wanted to experiment with peg loom weaving because we’ve decided to expand the Hooters Hall sheep flock which means we’ll have more fleeces. We’re going to be keeping our 3 Jacob ewe lambs that we bought this year and yesterday we collected a further 6 Jacob sheep. As well as our ewe lambs we also have 3 ewes, 1 shearling, 1 ewe lamb and a ram. The 3 ewes and ram are all proven and so we should have our first lambing next Spring. At the moment our ram Jim is in the paddock next to the sheep and we’ll be putting him in with them at the start of November, which will hopefully mean lambing will start in April.

Here’s a video and picture of Jim the ram (he’s a bit lame at the moment because he’s got a small crack in his hoof) and a video of the rest of the flock.


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