Hooters Hall

More Lambs

Last night one of our older ewes started seperating herself from the flock and hanging out in the field shelter on her own. I suspected she might be about to lamb but we left her to get on with it overnight and this morning she presented us with another set of twins. One ram, one ewe lamb again. Both are big and strong and seem very happy and healthy. Mum is quite experienced so was just getting on with it.

The weather is a lot warmer now (and we’re less anxious) so they’ve gone straight out into the nursery paddock with the ewe that lambed last week and her twins.

Here are the pictures

For more details of how we prepared for pur first lambing have a look at our guest post on the Good Life in Practice blog http://thegoodlifeinpractice.wordpress.com/2013/04/06/guest-blog-hooters-hall-first-time-lambing/

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