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Forest Garden Planting & Other Jobs

Finally, now the weather is a bit more seasonal we’ve been able to get on with planting up the forest garden and getting the plastic mulch down to make sure we’re not over run with weeds as Spring progresses.

We let the sheep graze the area for a few weeks before lambing so it’s currently pretty clear. I’ve been growing plants from cuttings and bare root plants in the polytunnel and some are quite mature now, so ready for planting out. It’s such a big space that cuttings and growing plants from seed is really the only practical way to get enough plants. Although, I have bought a few of the one off plants from specialist nurseries.

It seems like I’ve spent all weekend digging holes and planting but there’s still so much ground to fill. So far I’ve planted out some of the new trees, shrubs and climbers. These include tree lupins, two shagbark hickory trees, a szechuan pepper,bay, hops, honeysuckle and wisteria. I’ve also established a comfrey patch and planted out soft fruits such as raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants. I’ve still got lots of ground cover plants and the herbs such as sage, rosemary and thyme to plant.

Here’s a picture of the comfrey patch

And the never ending polythene mulch which we can now put over the areas that the sheep cleared.

The forest garden borders our pond which is more ornamental than natural but we hope to blend it into the forest garden by using plants from the forest garden around the pond. With the help of the sheep we’ve cleared the ornamental plants, brambles and ivy from the area behind the pond and instead planted some Lemon Balm which we’ll also use in the forest garden. We chose lemon Balm because it’s quite robust and will hopefully survive the attention of the ducks and outgrow the brambles and ivy.

Here’s a picture you can see the neatly planted Lemon Balm at the back of the pond by the fence.

The other job for the weekend was harrowing, reseeding and rolling the big pig paddock. Here’s a picture of the rolling, fingers crossed it will be full of grass soon.

Talking of pigs our British Lops were enjoying the Spring sunshine, to keep them cool we let them have a play with the hosepipe

In between all the planting and sowing we also found time for some lamb watching




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