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Hot Bed Update

A quick update on the hot bed we constructed last week. After we had finished construction the temperature of the bed was 10C. The following day saw a slight increase in temperature to 12C. At that point I was expecting a gradual increase of 2-3C each day. However, on day 2 the temperature shot up to 23C.

On day 3 there was a further increase to 30C. The temperature continued to rise on day 4 and 5 reaching a toasty 40C at the end of day 4. We then saw a slight fall in temperature and the bed now seems to be maintaining a steady 34C

I’m definitely going to try growing some pineapples in the bed and also use it for starting tender seeds and for growing on my sweet peppers.

As I mentioned in the last post we used an easy reach, raised bed kit from Solway recycling which gave us a height on 62cm for the bed which I think was instrumental in the success of the heat generation. The bed is 1220cm x 1220cm and I have another next to it that I will be filling up next weekend.

The bed was filled with a mix of pig muck, straw, chicken muck and wood chippings. We currently have our pigs indoors because the paddocks are so muddy which means we have plenty of pig muck and straw each week. Once the pigs are outside again I’ll be using horse manure to top up the beds.

Here’s a picture of the bed in construction again and the current temperature.

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