Hooters Hall

About & Contact

Hooters Hall is a small scale fibre farm producing slow, one of a kind yarn.

We describe our yarn as slow because we process all our own fibre at Hooters Hall. We shear our own Jacob sheep and Angora goats, wash the fleeces then card and handspin the fibre into naturally coloured yarn.

We also dye and paint our yarns. We have a simple outdoor dye studio where we use natural plant dyes, rainwater, a campfire and a collection of vintage pans to add colour to our yarn.

Our love of fibre extends to fibre crafts, particularly handweaving and knitting, which you can see more of on the Hooters Hall Instagram and Facebook pages.

You can find all the Hooters Hall yarn and fibre in the online shop  Hooters Hall

You can contact us by email: farmshop@hootershall.co.uk

Or through the contact link in the online shop  Hooters Hall

Our address

Hooters Hall

147 Broadgate

Sutton St Edmund

Lincolnshire PE12 0LT