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East of England Show 2011

We made the trip up to Peterborough today to the East of England show. I think the rain showers put some people off because it wasn’t as busy as the Autumn Show. the weather didn’t stop the day being a success though despite the mini hurricane / monsoon that blew up in the middle of the afternoon. Everyone dashed for the nearest indoor space which for us and lots of other people was the tent with the RBST in which meant they had a captive audience and were hopefully able to spread the word about saving our rare breeds . We had a nice chat with the members running the stall and picked up an interesting book all about rare breeds (I’ll put a copy in the bookshop under livestock).

The highlight of the day was the Grand  Parade of Livestock a spectacular collection of the best livestock.

Here are the pictures ( the pigs were all feeling a bit shy)

East of England Show 17th, 18th & 19th June

This weekend we’re off to the East of England show at the East of England Showground near Peterborough. We went to the Autumn show last year and it was one of the best agricultural shows that we’ve been to so we’re really looking forward to this weekend. Hopefully we’ll get to see some heavy horses and rare breeds as well as pick up some bargains.

This year the show is supporting the Campaign for Wool with an All About wool section. This will feature the shows fleece competition, wool products, the story of wool from sheep to jumper as well as the popular shearing show.

If you’ve got kids there are also plenty of educational activities including the Kids Kitchen where children can learn to cook their own fruit crumble as well as find out about where the ingredients come from. There is also the Farms r Us section where children and adults can get close to farm animals and machinery whilst learning all about farming. So definitely something for everyone.

Here’s the link: http://www.eastofengland.org.uk/EoE_Show/index.html


Shows and events March 2011

Despite the cold snap that we’ve been experiencing here in the southeast  over the last day or two spring is definitely on its way. The daffodils have started to make an appearance, buds are bursting all around the garden and the days are gradually getting longer. As we move towards the start of the growing season so the number of agricultural shows increases here are some of the shows and events taking place in March.