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Which native plant ? Climbers and trees selection

The final instalment of our native plant selections series covering climbers and trees is now in the articles section, you can also find it under the native plant selections category in Hooters Hall posts.

 Those with limited space sometimes believe, wrongly, that they don’t have the room for climbers but some careful training (horizontal as well as vertical) and judicious pruning are all that’s needed. Native trees might present more of a difficulty to those with limited space but there are some possibilities. Rowan can be grown in a pot and has a maximum height of 10m as does the Pussy Willow, which some might regard as more of a large shrub than a small tree.       

Climbers and trees selection

Climbers make a great addition to any garden, however large or small. Allowed to freely ramble they can help disguise a less than attractive wall or fence or add background interest to a patio. You can also train them over trees or large shrubs and if you get the right mix of flowering seasons this creates the effect of an extended period of interest.

Native trees won’t suit every garden mainly because of size but there are some smaller species to choose from. With some trees, such as Oak you really are creating a legacy for future generations. The English Oak takes 300 years to mature, grows for another 300 years then takes 300 years to die  so  choose your planting spot with care !  

Common name/ latin name Height max Flowering Flower Colour

Lonicera periclymenum

6m June – Sept Yellow / Cream / Pink

Humulus lupulus

5m July – Aug Yellow / Green

Hedera helix

33m Sept – Oct Yellow / Green
Woody Nightshade

Solanum dulcamara

2.3m June – Sept Purple / Yellow
Old Man’s Beard

Clematis vitalba

10m June – Sept White
Everlasting Sweet Pea

Lathyrus sylvestris

2m June – Aug Pink
Tufted Vetch

Vicia cracca

2m June – Aug Blue
Meadow Vetchling

Lathyrus pratensis

1.2m May – Aug Yellow

Alnus glutinosa

13m Feb – Mar Yellow
Common Ash

Fraxinus excelsior

20m April – May Pink
Common Beech

Fagus sylvatica

30m April Yellow
Silver Birch

Betula pendula

30m April – May Purple / Green
Bird Cherry

Prunus padus

10m April – May White
Cherry Plum

Prunus cerasifera

8m Feb – Mar White / Pink
Wild Cherry

Prunus avium

13m April – May White
Crab Apple

Malus sylvestris

10m April Pink
Field Maple

Acer campestre

20m April – May Yellow

Carpinus betulus

26m April – May Yellow / Green
Common Lime

Tilia x europaea

43m July Yellow
English Oak

Quercus robur

30m May Yellow

Sorbus aucuparia

10m May – Jun White

Sorbus aria

15m April – May White
Pussy Willow

Salix caprea

10m March – Apr Yellow
White Willow

Salix alba

20m March – Apr Yellow / Green
Common Yew

Taxus baccata

16m Feb – Mar Yellow / Green