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Goslings all grown up

The goslings have been out in the big wide world for a whole week now. They’ve survived the gales and rain that we’ve had this week and enjoyed the summer sunshine that followed today. They’ve become very good at going to bed in the goose house every night and have gradually started exploring the area around the paddocks, although they haven’t ventured under the electric fence into the paddock yet.

Although we’re still feeding them growers pellets they are now grazing properly on the grass and we’ll gradually reduce the growers pellets in forthcoming weeks. As their wings grow they’ve also taken to attempting to fly. So far they just jump up and down and flap their wings a lot, but I don’t think it will be long before we have to clip their wings to avoid a repeat of last years AWOL goose ( here’s the link to remind you  http://www.hootershall.co.uk/2011/10/03/and-then-there-were-two/ have a read through the blog posts in the Geese category to find out what happened).

Over the past week all three of them have become a lot more confident and I’ve even been able to stroke them a few times without them all having  a panic attack and racing away to huddle in a corner. As a result I’ve was able to get a lot closer for the video than I could last week. So here’s the goslings all grown up with a guest appearance from Bonnie the shetland pony.


Gosling Update: Meeting the big wide world

The goslings were 6 weeks old this bank holiday weekend so it was time for them to move out to the paddocks and meet the big wide world. We put them each in a sturdy cardboard box and took them over to the goose house on the far side of one of the paddocks. The goose house took a bit of a battering over the winter and will need some repair work but it’s still water, wind and predator proof. They have access to a strip of grass behind the paddocks and to one of the paddocks so there is plenty of grass for them to graze. We also have the same rigid pond liner that we used last year for them to splash about in. They access the pond via a small ramp. They can also access the water trough in the paddock.

We haven’t clipped their wings yet because they aren’t fully feathered, but we’ll get clipping as soon as they are. I took this video from the next door paddock because if I get too close they all just hide behind the goose house. The first night they needed a bit of encouragement to get into the goose house but they seem to have got the idea now.

Gosling Update: 5 weeks old

The goslings continue to get all feathered up and their wings are really developing now as you can see in the video. One of them has taken a significant dislike to the watering can that I use to fill up their water bowl. Whenever I bring the watering can into the pen she starts hissing at it, I think she thinks it’s another goose but a strangee green plastic one. The goslings are now fully established on growers pellets and it’s onlt one more week until they move outside to the paddock theat they will call home for the next six months.

Here’s this weeks video