Hooters Hall

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We have sheep ! Having made the decision a few weeks ago to add some sheep to the livestock at Hooters Hall we hitched our trailer up to the Landy this morning and trundled a few miles up the road to pick up three Jacob ewe lambs.

The Jacob sheep has been in Britain since the 1750s and in recent years has been one of the rare breeds survival trust success stories having progressed through the watchlist categories critical (less than 300) to minority (1500 to 3000) and then off the watchlist all together with over 3000 breeding females in Britain in 2012.

For more information have a look at the Jacob sheep society website  http://www.jacobsheepsociety.co.uk/

We’ve decided to start small with our sheep flock and focus on raising store lambs initially. This means buying in weaned lambs in July/August to raise on over the end of the Summer and send for slaughter in October / November. This avoids the need to manage lambing or organise shearing. It also means that the sheep will only be on the holding when we have plenty of grass so we won’t need to buy in any extra hay or feed. We thought we’d start off with just three this year and see how it goes.

The sheep will be in a paddock rotation following the horses which will stop the paddocks becoming horse sick .

Here’s a short video of our ladies settling in.