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Hooters Hall 2015

It’s a few days late but here’s our round up of 2015. The year got off to snowy start in January fortunately the cold snap didn’t last too long and it was pretty while it lasted.


Spring saw the arrival of Poppy our first British Guernsey x Angora goat. Poppy is the world’s friendliest goat here he is just after being born.

The arrival of Poppy meant we could milk his mum Spice and enjoy delicious Guernsey goat milk and a bit of goats cheese. We also had a successful lambing with a lot of twins and even a set of triplets.

Our Gloucestershire Old Spot piglets that were born at the end of 2014 continued to do well. Here’s a pic of the girls with mum Beatrice and our other sow Eugenie

I continued my exploration of the fibre world in 2015. I’m still spinning and selling our super chunky yarns in the farm shop, together with the fleece from our Jacob sheep and the mohair from the Angora goats. I also started experimenting with natural dyes. Here’s a picture of some mohair dyed with Weld leaves and a yarn spun from mohair and wool dyed with Weld leaves.

As well as growing dye plants I also experimented with using Willow to dye our wool. It turned out really well and we now stock Willow dyed fleece in the farm shop.  

We’ve also started stocking a range of freshly harvested hedgerow dyes (in season) such as nettle, elder, blackberry shoots and apple twigs and leaves.

We did a lot of campfire cooking over the Summer and tried out our homemade spit roast.

We’ve spent the year working on our sausage recipes and we now have a Classic Pork and a Pork and Apple. Both made at Hooters Hall with our homegrown Gloucestershire Old Spot pork and delicious cooked over a campfire or in a more conventional kitchen.

As 2016 starts we’re looking forward to more baby goats (I think both Spice and Amber are pregnant), experimenting with straw bale gardening, more natural and hedgerow dye experiments, growing willow for basketry and trying out some more sausage recipes.

We’ll continue to sell our farm produce online through the Hooters Hall farm shop www.hootershall.etsy.com and you can keep up to date with what’s going on at Hooters Hall through our Facebook, twitter and instagram